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BARTLEY Family Tree

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?? BARTLEY married ??, children:

  1. Allen St Clair Bartley

Next Generation

Allen St Clair BARTLEY, Major, married Doris Margaret Dane FARMER, Children:

  1. Doreen Bartley

  2. Leslie Bartley

  3. Alixe Bartley

Next Generation

Doreen Delta Faith BARTLEY (b 1914 Madras) married John Charles Allan DIQUE (b 1915) . Children:

  1. John Dique

  2. Nigel Dique

  3. Mary Boyle

  4. Alixe Dique

  5. Beatrice Green

  6. Patrick Dique

  7. David Dique


info from  and Kathryn

?? BARTLEY married ??, children:

  1. Cecilia Bartley

Next Generation

Cecilia BARTLEY married Cyrus CABRAL (8 children):

  1. Charles Cabral married Winifred Bede,

  2. Herbert Cabral,

  3. Esme Cabral m Patrick Smyth,

  4. Leslie Cabral m. Ioline Noakes,

  5. Archibald Cabral,

  6. Ronald Cabral m. Yvonne Pereira,

  7. Donald Cabral m. Shirley Noakes

  8. Patricia Cabral m. Roy Sexton


info from Steven CONN

?? BARTLEY married ??, children:

  1. Ellen Bernice Bartley

Next Generation

Ellen Bernice BARTLEY Bangalore 8 Jan 1946 married Harold CONN



info from Nigel William Dique

?? BARTLEY married ??, children:

  1. Doreen Delta Faith BARTLEY (b 31.10.1914 Madras - d 8.08.2003 Brisbane Australia)

Next Generation
Doreen Delta Faith BARTLEY (b 31.10.1914 Madras - d 8.08.2003 Brisbane Australia) married John Charles Allan DIQUE (5.8.1915 Mandalay Burma - 18.1.1995 Brisbane Australia) , children:

  1. Nigel William Dique (b1944 Meerut)


info supplied by Michelle BIRD & Aurelia Bartley <

?? BARTLEY married ??, children:

  1. James Bartley

Next Generation

James BARTLEY married Dorothy SCOTT, Children:

  1. Marcus James Ridsdale Bartley (Bob) b on 22-4-1917, d 15th MARCH 1993. in Madras

  2. Eric Bartley

  3. Dorothy Bartley

  4. Donald Bartley

  5. Peter William Bartley (1926)

Next Generation

Marcus James BARTLEY (Bob) (b 22-4-1917, d 15th MARCH 1993. in Madras) married Pauline Teresa GARSIDE (born 02/12/1916) in Madras, India. Children:

  1. Marcus Paul Hartigan Bartley (born 25/12/1940, Madras, India, died 24/5/2005 in Madras)

  2. Donella St Clair Bartley (b1946 in Madras, India)

  3. Marcia Anne Bartley (b1952 in Madras, India)

Peter William BARTLEY married Cicely Iris CHATELIER (1928),Children:

  1. Jennifer Anne

  2. Steven Ridsdale

  3. Linda Catherine

  4. Yvonne Dorothy

  5. Gail Elizabeth

Next Generation

Marcus Paul Hartigan BARTLEY (born 25/12/1940, Madras, India, died 24/5/2005 in Madras) Married Aurelia WHITTLE ON 23rd June 1985, in Madras..


Jennifer Anne BARTLEY married Kelland BIRD, children:

  1. Michael (born Madras)

  2. Michelle

  3. Krystal (born Melbourne)

Steven BARTLEY married Diana CALLAHAN, Children: 

  1. Karen, 

  2. Donna

Linda Catherine BARTLEY married Louis WINTER

Yvonne Dorothy BARTLEY married Colin MATTHES, Children: 

  1. Amy

Gail Elizabeth BARTLEY married Vince GULLACI, Children: 

  1. Bianca, 

  2. Daniella, 

  3. Michael

Next Generation
Karen BARTLEY married Andrew BEAL


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