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While looking through your site I discovered that this family has some sort of history within the Anglo Indian community. I cannot unfortunately give you either the names or dates of my grandfather and grandmother, other than the fact that he was a Barron and worked on the railways. Their daughter was my mother and she was called Alice Lilian Barron born 16/11/1915. She had a sibling whom we knew as Uncle Bertie (?Albert,/? Bertram). She also had cousins Dorothy and Colin. Surname unknown. If you are able to put me in touch with anyone called Barron who might be able to help me I would be very grateful. Or if you could tell me how I might be able to trace them for the Anglo Indian Service society appears to have ceases functioning. Many thanks, Angela Mukherjee



info from Noreen Lavender
Trying to find family or any one who knew Reginald Barron, also looking for any relations of Elwin Norman WINTON born Calcutta. I have found out the names of his siblings & would like to find out more as Norman was my father,


?? BARRON married ??, children:

  1. Samuel BARRON, Driver (b India)

Next Generation

Samuel BARRON, Driver (b India) married Ella BERTRAM (b India), children:

  1. Lawley Barron (b Gooty, India)

  2. Bertram Walter Barron (b 1914 Gooty, d 1982 in 38 Brown Hills Rd, Newton Abbot, Devon of natural old age)

The first picture is of Bertram Walter Barron born 10-2-1914 Gooty died 1982 in Newton Abbot, Devon UK (also known as Bertie ). He was miss transcribed as BARREN & I noticed some of having him on their information as Barren so may be they are connected (he was my father in law), Clara Ellen Booth his wife born 8-6-1905 Peshawar Bengal India died Dec Devon UK, eldest son Reginald Joseph Barron born 6-6-1935 Gooty Bangalore, India died 25-11-1973 Chester uk (Interestingly I see that Lawley Barron assistant Chaplin baptised him but I have found no record of him; his sponsor was Mary Holding  & youngest child Beatrice Marian Barron also ( known as Puss) born Gooty .

The other picture shows the same family with others I donít know & hope someone might recognise someone. Standing at the back is Bertram Walter holding his middle child Ivan Laurence Barron born 1936 Gooty Died 1944 Gooty;  next to him on the right is Reginald Joseph & sitting to the right of them is Clara Ellen their mother with Beatrice Marian on her knee, then to the left of the picture the lady looks very like Bertram so could be his sister & the young boy standing behind her could be either his youngest brother or his sisters son. The older lady in the middle could be either Bertram or Clara Ellen's mother hoping some one might know & put some names to the picture as apart from my late husbands parents & siblings I have never met any of their family & trying to get some information to pass on to my children & grand children thank you so much Noreen


Next Generation

Bertram Walter Barron (b 1914 Gooty, d 1982 in 38 Brown Hills Rd, Newton Abbot, Devon of natural old age) worked on the railways as a Fireman) on 9/1/1934 in Bangalore, married Clara BOOTH, school teacher ( b 1916, d 1986 in Brown Hills Rd, Newton Abbott, Devon), children:

  1. Reginald Barron (b Madras 1935, attended St Marys High school, Armenien street, Madras)

  2. Betty (Puss) Barron (school teacher)


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