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info from Michael Shepherd

?? BARREN married ??, children:

  1. Elizabeth Ann BARREN (b 1887-1975)

Next Generation

Elizabeth Ann BARREN (b 1887-1975) in 1905 in Nellore married John Douglas HILL, Children:

  1. Alexander Douglas Barren Hill 1906-1966

  2. Blanche Merlin Hill 1907-?

  3. Melville Leonard Barren Hill 1908-?

  4. May Pansy Barren Hill 1910-1910

  5. Roland G Barren Hill 1911-1913

  6. Colin Hope Barren Hill 1914- ?

  7. Barbara Gertrude Hill 1916-2001

  8. Maurice Lesley Barren Hill 1917-?

  9. Beryl Olga Hill 1921-?

  10. Allan Keith Hill 1923-living,

  11. Joan Clare Hill 1924-2008



info from Michael Shepherd <>

?? BARREN married ??, children:

  1. William Barren (1788-1830)

Next Generation

William BARREN (1788-1830) married Elizabeth ? 18.12.1816. in Bangalore. Children

  1. Sarah Barren (b 1821 Madras)

  2. William Barren jnr (b 1823 Madras)

  3. Thomas Barren (b 1828)

  4. Alexander Barren (b 1830)

Next Generation

William BARREN jnr (b.1823 Madras) married Catherine HOOLE (b.1831) Children

  1. Henry Herbert Barren (b.1848 Secundrabad)

  2. William Alexander Barren (b.1849)

  3. Thomas Edwin Barren (b.1851, Madras)

  4. Alfred Reginald Barren (b.1853)

  5. Edward Augustus Barren (b.1855)

  6. Joseph Edward Barren (b.1857)

  7. Leander Euisbius Barren (b.1860. Vepery, Madras)

  8. Edgar Erasmus Eyre Barren. (b.1864.Madras)

  9. Marjanum Aithan Animy (b.1867)

Next Generation

Henry Herbert BARREN (b.1848 Secundrabad) married Adeliza Hannah Gertrude Van Deelin (b.1848)


Thomas Edwin BARREN (b.1851, Madras) married Georgina Theresa MAINWARING (b.1855)


Leander Euisbius BARREN (b.1860. Vepery, Madras) married Charlotte Ann MAINWARING (b.1855)


Edgar Erasmus Eyre BARREN. (b.1864.Madras) married Elizabeth Jane CONNOR (b.1868)



info from Erica Baren

We would love to get in touch with any relatives from the Barren and Gunnion families who have lost contact ith our families. Our address is as follows

Mrs Teresa Barren c/o Allan Barren, Sultan Manzil, D-250 Shailendra Nagar, Raipur - 492 001 Chhattisgarh - India.  Tele Nos: 0771 - 2422155, 6532325, 4044944 (Mobiles Nos) 9425505287, 9893628678, 9893592254

?? BARREN married ??, children:

  1. Bertram Walter Barren

Next Generation

Bertram Walter Barren married Teresa GUNNION. Bertram was a driver on the railways and was posted at several towns like Bilaspur, Shahdol, Bhilai, Kantabanjhi (Orissa) Vishakaptnam (Andhra Pradesh) he expired on the 29th of July 1983 at Raipur. Teresa Barren is still young at 82 years and they had 9 children.

1. Serena Barren
2. Gillian Barren
3. Kevin Barren never married ...still at Raipur -  Chattisgarh - India.
4. Erica Barren
5. Raymond Barren
6. Grenville Barren
7. Allan Barren
8. Carmen Barren
9. Errol Barren is still a young Bachelor and is at Raipur

Next Generation.....

Serena BARREN married Peter LOBO, they had six children.

1. Jackelene Lobo
2. Charlene Lobo
3. Arti Maise Lobo
4. Herman Lobo
5. Arnold LObo
6. Alec Lobo

Gillian BARREN married Bryan WEBBER from Bilaspur and they have 1 son.

1. Brenden Webber

Erica BARREN married Bernard RODRIGUES, they have one daughter..
1. Rochelle Rodrigues

Raymond BARREN married Jackelene RODRIGUES (d/o Clement & Daphne Rodrigues - vizag) they have two children.

1. Karina Rodrigues
2. Richardo Rodrigues

Grenville BARREN married Shirley Stockings of Bilaspur and they have 3 children including fraternal twins.

1. Gillroy Barren
2. Mario Barren }faternal
3. Millisa Barren}twins

Allan BARREN maried Rhea Sharma and they have 2 sons.

1. Nathan Barren
2. Ryan Barren

Carmen BARREN married Kenneth CLARKE from Vizag and they have 2 children.

1. Michelle Clarke.
2. Mark Clarke


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