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?? BAPTISTE married ??, children:

  1. Reginald BAPTISTE (b ?)

Next Generation

Reginald BAPTISTE married Marie KAPPER, children:

  1. Rita Celine Baptiste (School: St. Joseph's Convent, Jubblepore (1931-39). St. Joseph's Convent, Bankipore, Patna 1940-45.  Immigrated to England in 1963. Immigrated to Australia in 1981. Now in Sydney).

  2. Eugene Baptiste

Next Generation

Rita Celine BAPTISTE married John Charles HUNTER


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?? BAPTISTE married ??, children:

  1. Imelda BAPTISTE (b1931 approx Calcutta, India)

Next Generation

Imelda BAPTISTE (b1931 approx Calcutta, India) married John LARGE (b1934 approx, Calcutta, India) , children:

  1. Wendy Large (b1956 Calcutta, India)

  2. Sylvia Large (b1958 Calcutta, India, living in Melbourne)


info from Patrick Baptiste

?? BAPTISTE married ??, children:

  1. Percy BAPTISTE (b Calcutta)

Next Generation

Percy BAPTISTE (b Calcutta) married Eileen MOORE, migrated to Sydney in 1981, children:

  1. Patrick Baptiste (b Calcutta 1961)

  2. Candace Baptiste

  3. Michael Baptiste.

Next Generation

Patrick Baptiste (bCalcutta1961) married Susan ROBINSON, Children:

  1. Damon Patrick Baptiste ( b Sydney 1989)

  2. Rischell Kiara Baptiste (b Sydney 1993)

Candace Baptiste married Andrew Everard, Children

  1. Samantha Everard (b1998, Sydney Australia)

  2. Brooke Everard (b2000, Katoomba, Australia)


?? BAPTISTE married ??, children:

  1. Anne Lillian Baptiste

  2. Annette Clarissa  Baptiste

  3. Arthur Adolphus Baptiste

Next Generation

Anne Lillian BAPTISTE married Professor Adolphus Gregory FONCECA (Dr. of Apothecary) on 15/8/1921: children:

  1. Eve Geraldin Francis Fonceca (b 15/4/1884, baptised 25/4/1884)

  2. William Osborne Fonceca (baptised 21/2/1886)

  3. Ethel Miranda Fonceca (born 5/7/1887, baptised 30/7/1887

  4. Joseph Donald Fonceca (born 9/3/1889 baptised 6/4/1889)

  5. Eunice Neoni Fonceca (born 5/8/1890 baptised 25/8/1890)

  6. Gerard Agnew Fonceca (born 21/1/1893 died 22/1/1965)

  7. Walter Dunstan Fonceca

  8. Appolonia Merlyn Fonceca (born 9/2/1899 baptised 15/2/1899)

  9. Ronald Fonceca

Annette Clarissa  BAPTISTE married Albert Thomas LeFLEUR


Annette Clarissa  BAPTISTE married Thomas Gregory FONSECA


(Above records obtained from British India Records Office and submitted by Roger FONSECA (E-Mail ) on 14/1/2000)


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