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 Anastasia BALTHAZAR on 6 Jun 1785 in Negapattam married Jeptha ALEXANDERS



John Marin BALTHAZAR on 3 May 1838 in Vizagapatam married widow Susan Caroline DENNISON nee JONES (daughter of W Jones. Susan was previously married to Mariner John Henry Dennison on 11 Jun 1829 in the presence of Lt Col Charles and Charlotte Louisa Mandeville)



Johannes Manatzakanter BALTHAZAR married ?, children:

  1. Ripsima Balthazar (b 1855)

  2. Carapiet Balthazar (b 1861)

  3. Hosanna Jane Balthazar (b 1873)

  4. Balthazar Carapiet Balthazar (b 1881)

  5. Edith Maud Balthazar (b 1882)

  6. Cassio Marcus Balthazar (b 1903)


Next Generation

Ripsima BALTHAZAR (b 1855) at 21yrs on 25 Sep 1876 in Calcutta married  27yr Alfred Eldred Waldimer SHARPE (b 1849 son of Andrus Christopher Sharpe)


Carapiet BALTHAZAR (b 1861) married ?, children:

  1. Maria Balthazar

Carapiet BALTHAZAR (b 1861) on 10 Apr 1888 in Fort William married Genevieve Bridget MENEZES (daughter of Joseph Zachary Menezes)


Carapiet BALTHAZAR (b 1861) widowed, at 62yrs on 4 Jun 1923 in Calcutta married 27yr Gertrude Mary D'CRUZE (b 1896, daughter of Charles D'Cruze)


Hosanna Jane BALTHAZAR (b 1873) at 23yrs on 9 Jan 1896 in Calcutta married 25yr Arratoon Michael SARKIES (b 1871 son of Michael Sarkies)


Balthazar Carapiet BALTHAZAR (b 1881) at 31yrs on 20 Apr 1912 in Rangoon married 23yr Helen Kending MOSHER (b 1889 daughter of Alexander Mosher)


Edith Maud BALTHAZAR (b 1882) at 21yrs on 30 Dec 1903 in Calcutta married 29yr Malcolm Cathick SARKIES (b 1874, son of Michael Sarkies)


Cassio Marcus BALTHAZAR (b 1903) at 26yrs on 10 Oct 1929 in Calcutta married 17yr Ida Esme HOGERMEER (b 1912 daughter of Richard William Hogermeer)


Next Generation

Maria BALTHAZAR on 24 Aug 1881 in Rangoon married William QUINLIVAN



C.M.T. BALTHAZAR married ?, children:

  1. John Balthazar (b 1863)

Next Generation

John BALTHAZAR Tramway Driver (b 1863) at 23yrs on 20 Apr 1886 in Rangoon married 21yr Sarah Mah HPIOAH (b 1865 daughter of Ko Hpo)



Carapiet BALTHAZAR married ?, children:

  1. Annie Maria Balthazar (b 1872)

Next Generation

Annie Maria BALTHAZAR (b 1872) at 18yrs on 28 Jan 1890 in Calcutta married 31yr Arratoon Thomas APCAR (b 1859 son of Thomas Arratoon Apcar)





Samuel BALTHAZAR married ?, children:

  1. Eliza Mary Balthazar

Next Generation

Eliza Mary BALTHAZAR on 23 Sep 1899 in Rangoon married Singapore Raffles Hotel Manager Minus John Joachim (son of John Joachim)





Dominic BALTHAZAR (b 1875) widowed, at 52yrs on 11 Jun 1927 in Moulmein married 20yr Dorothy Clara CORNELIUS (b 1907 daughter of Ed Simon Cornelius)


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