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? BALLANTINE married ?, children:

  1. James William Ballantine (b 1827, d 18 Jan 1886 Akyab)

Next Generation

James William BALLANTINE (b 1827, d 18 Jan 1886 Akyab) married Ma Hla ?, children:

  1. James Edgar Ballantine (b 1857)

  2. Helen Stonehouse Ballantine

  3. Arthur Ernest Ballantine (b 1860)

  4. James William Ballantine (b 1862)

  5. Edgar James Ballantine (c 23 Mar 1883 Akyab)

  6. Ernest Theodore Ballantine (c 18 Nov 1885 Akyab)

Next Generation

James Edgar BALLANTINE (b 1857) at 22yrs on 22 Jan 1879 in Rangoon married 17yr Alice Maria Stuart PORTER (b 1862 daughter of Stuart Porter)


Helen Stonehouse BALLANTINE on 7 Dec 1874 in Rangoon married John GUTHRIE (son of Andrew Guthrie)


Arthur Ernest BALLANTINE (b 1860) at 27yrs on 5 Dec 1887 in Rangoon married 22yr Eleanor Frances MILLER (b 1865 daughter of William Henry Miller), Children:

  1. Alan James Ballantine (b 25 Aug 1890 Rangoon)


James William BALLANTINE (b 1862) at 28yrs on 9 Apr 1890 in Rangoon married 15yr Stella Elizabeth Ann WAKEFIELD (b 1875 daughter of James Wakefield)



info from Pam Ballantine


? BALLANTINE married ?, children:

  1. Ronald Ramsay Ballantine

Next Generation

Ronald Ramsay BALLANTINE married ?, children:


Gerald Rayney BALLANTINE married Edith Sarah ?, (b 1878, d 27 Jan 1937 Madras) children:

  1. Gerald Rayney Ballantine ( b 10 Sep 1911, c 15 Jun 1930 Bangalore)

  2. Roseline Edith Ballantine ( b 10 Sep 1911, c 15 Jun 1930 Bangalore)

  3. Gerald Albert William Ballantine (b 4 Jan 1913, c 27 Oct 1929 Bangalore)

Next Generation

Gerald Albert William BALLANTINE (b 4 Jan 1913, c 27 Oct 1929 Bangalore) on 19 May 1937 in Bombay married Marjorie Teresa BROWN, ( daughter of Ernest Samuel Brown) children :

  1. Pamela Edith Ballantine (M.B.E) (b 1938, Bombay, d 2001)

  2. Aubrey Ernest Ballantine

  3. Judith Rosaline Ballantine (b 7 Mar 1945,Bombay)

Next Generation

Judith Rosaline BALLANTINE (b 7 Mar 1945,Bombay) Married Anthony PAGE, Ilford Essex. Daughters :

  1. Stephanie Amanda PAGE (b1967, High Wycombe,Bucks)

  2. Alison Sarah PAGE (b1969, High Wycombe, Bucks)




John James Ballantine, b1949 Ontario Canada married Billi WISEMAN (d1997), children:

  1. Kevin James Ballantine, (b 1975)

  2. Sara Alicia Ballantine (b 1977)

Next Generation

Kevin James Ballantine (b1975) married Lisa KELLY, Children 

  1. Madison Elaine Ballantine b 1997 

  2. Braeden James Ballantine b 2001,   


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