Apartment for Rent (Mangalore)


(On the west coast of India)

Fully Furnished with gate security. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen, Dining, Lounge, Balcony.

The apartment is un-serviced. A grocery store is located at the entrance.

Mangalore has an international airport connecting to other cities in India.

Hat Hill is near Indian Airlines Office, Mangalore, Karnataka.

Train links exist from Bangalore, Cochin, Goa and Mumbai.



Rent is US $60 per night for the entire apartment. (minimum stay 2 nights, for maximum 6 persons.)

Each extra person US$10 per night.

Check-in time is 1pm. Check-out time is 11am

Contact:  Russel on sumgenius@gmail.com 

map of India




When you think about "Mangalore", two things come to mind


  • The natural deep water port and

  • The world famous roof tiles.


The city, deriving its name from the goddess Mangaladevi, lies along the backwaters formed by the Netravati and Gurpur rivers on the Western coast and is bordered by the Arabian Sea.


The most popular spoken language is Tulu. The place is blessed with green fields, waterfalls, beautiful beaches and a rich variety of flora and fauna. It has an airport, an all-weather port and is well connected with other parts of the country.


Situated in Boloor, 6 km from the city, Sultan Battery was built by Tippu Sultan to prevent warships to enter Gurpur River. Today, the black stone fort wears a deserted look, and only some parts of the fort are still standing. One of the remaining structures, Tippu's Well gives a visitor the charming beauty of the original construction. Although it is a watchtower, it gives the impression of a miniature fortress with its arrangements for mounting cannons all-round.


Built in 1899-1900, St.Aloysius is one of those churches, which exhibited various works of art by Western masters. The walls of the church, situated on Lighthouse Hill 1 km from the city, are covered with the paintings of the artist Antony Moshaini of Italy, some of which are comparable with the Sistine Chapel in Rome.


A 1 km drive will take you to the beautiful Light House Hill-Garden from where you can view the sea, sunset and the sailing ships bobbing in the ocean.

Mangalore City Map


1   Satellite Dish (Connected)

St. Aloysius College has ceiling paintings that are well worth seeing




1  Double Bed (Wooden),

2  Side Tables (wooden)

1  Batik Painting on wall

1  Double Duroflex mattress

1  Double yellow bed sheet

2  Pillows with cases (yellow)

1  Double bed cover (striped)

3 pairs Curtains (flowered)

1  Air conditioner & Stabilizer

2  Ceiling Fans

3  Wall lights



1  Large Bucket (Green)

 Mug (Blue)

1    Shower Curtain

1   Toilet Brush

2   Floor Mats

1  Hot Water Geyser (Racold)

1  Health Faucet

1   Toilet Roll Holder

1   Exhaust Fan (Wall)

1  Vanity Cabinet (with mirror)


2  Single wooden Beds/mattresses & pillows

2  Sheets and Pillow cases

2  Wall lights with shades

2  sets Curtains

1  Ceiling Fan

2  Built in Wardrobes

(NB:1 wardrobe for Owner’s personal storage use)



1  Built in Wardrobe with drawers

3  Large Towels (Blue, Blue Striped, Green Striped)

1  Hand Towel (pink)


6  Forks

6   Tablespoons

6    Knives

6    Teaspoons

3   Serving Spoons

1    Cutlery Holder (Plastic)

1    Chopping Board

1   Idly Maker (White, Plastic)

1  Green Mug (Plastic)

1    Green Tray (Plastic)

2     Non Stick cook spoons

1    Knife (sharp)

1    Can Opener

1    Saucepan/lid (stainless steel)

1     Fry Pan (large)

1     Fry Pan (small)

1     Glass bowl

2     Plastic green bowls

6     Blue Mugs

6   Glasses (large)

6    Glasses (small)

3   Containers (Sugar, Coffee/Tea)

6   Corelle Ware Plates (large)

1    Corelle Ware Oval serving dish

1    Corelle Ware Dish with lid

6    Corelle Ware Bowls (small size)

6   Corelle Ware Bowls (medium size)


BEDROOM 3 (Opp Kitchen)


2   Single wooden Beds with mattresses & pillows

2   Sheets and Pillow cases (striped)

1   Built-in wardrobe with drawers

1   set Curtains (flowered)

2   Wall lights with shades

1   Ceiling Fan

1  Side Table (wooden)


1     Lounge Suite (Brown Suede)1x3seater, 2x1seater

1    Television Set

1 tata Sky TV Connection

1  Corner TV Unit (wooden)

1  Set Top Box

1   Wall hanging Batik Painting

2   Wall lights with shades

1  Ceiling Fan

1  set Curtains (Flowered)



1   Floor Mat (Brown)

1    2 door Fridge (Samsung)

1     Microwave (ONIDA.Powergrill 20/metal stand)

2  Containers for Microwave use

1     Electric Kettle (Red Prestige)

1      Water Filter (Aquaguard)

1      Gas Cook-top (GILMA)

1     Overhead/cupboards/s/ steel Rangehood

1 Granite workbench /built in cupboards/drawers


1 Bucket (large red)

1 Mug (Blue)

1 Shower Curtain (Sea Shell pattern)

1 Hot Water Geyser (RACOLD)

1 Exhaust Fan

1 Toilet Brush

1 Health Faucet

1 Toilet Roll Holder

1 Vanity Cabinet with mirror

2  Floor Mats


1  Washing Machine (Samsung)

1  Dust Pan & Brush

1  Pedal Dust Bin

1  Red Bucket with window cleaner

1  Cobweb Brush (green)        



1  Dining Table (wooden)

6   Dining Chairs (padded seats)

1   Table Cover (Lace)

1   Wall Batik Painting (Jungle Scene)

2  sets Curtains on window

1  Built in Crockery Unit

1  Ceiling Fan

2  Wall lights with shades

1  Hanging light with shade


1      Wall Clock

1      Wall hanging Batik Painting (Welcome Lady)

1       Shoe cupboard with mirror

1       Intercom phone

1       Door Mat

1       Wall light


(NB: Right of entry is reserved)

Tenants are to abide with the Building Associations Rules & Regulations.