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?? ADAMSON married ??, children:

  1. George Edward Adamson

Next Generation

George Edward ADAMSON married ?, children:

  1. Henry John Dixon Adamson (b 1871)

Next Generation

Henry John Dixon ADAMSON (b 1871) at 26yrs on 16 Jun 1897 in Pallavaram married 18yr Edith Lorna Caroline HOUPS (b 1879 daughter of Levi Richard Houps), children:

  1. Alfred Hope Adamson (b 4 Apr 1898 Trimulgherry)

  2. Minnie Blanche Adamson (b 7 Nov 1899 Trimulgherry)

  3. George Edward Adamson (b 26 Dec 1901 Quetta)


info from Daphne ADAMSON

?? ADAMSON married ??, children:

  1. Ronald James ADAMSON

Next Generation

Ronald James ADAMSON on 1/1/1949 married Theresa MEAD, children:

  1. Blossom Adamson b1949

  2. Carlton Adamson b1951

  3. Daphne (Dolly) Adamson (b1953 Agra India.)

Next Generation

Blossom ADAMSON in May 1972 married Desmond D'SILVA, 2 children -

  1. Pasha D'Silva

  2. Natasha D'Silva

Carlton ADAMSON married Sharon FERNANDES

Daphne ADAMSON (b1953 Agra India) in Nov 1976 married John PODOLAN, 2 children:

  1. Adam Podolan b1980

  2. Lisa Podolan b1983.

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