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John TEASDALE married ?, children:

  1. Mary Teasdale (b 1802 Calcutta)


John TEASDALE married ?, children:

  1. John Christopher Teasdale

Next Generation

John Christopher TEASDALE on 31 Dec 1866 in Byculla married Eleanor Josephine POLLOCK (daughter of Joseph Heald Pollock), children:

  1. Walter Leonard Teasdale (b 5 Feb 1868 Bandra, Bombay)



Henry Crowsbay TEASDALE on 1 Jun 1839 in Bombay married Jessie Eliza Arabella WHITEHILL, children:

  1. Jessie Caroline Teasdale (b 10 Apr 1840 Poona)



I am Andrew Arthur Matthews, my father is Stanley Paul Arthur Matthews one of three children born to my grandfather Captain Arthur George Teasdale Matthews MBE and Evelyn Isabel May Hanson , the others being Malcolm and Henrietta ( Rita ) . Captain Matthews was one of four sons , the others being Cyril Edward, Herbert ( Bertie) Oscar and William born to William and Ellen Grace Teasdale. Ellen and her two siblings Henry Horatio and Fredrick Edward were the children of Henry Jackson Teasdale  who was married to Julia Khan. Henry Jackson's father was Henry Crouston Teasdale. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who has any information with the above names to get in touch . Regards Andrew A Matthews a.a.matthews@icloud.com


Henry Crawshay (Crousham) TEASDALE (1801-1843) of the 125 th Napier Rifles who died during the Battle of Miani 1843 that is marked by large monument in Sind Province, Pakistan, was married to Princess Budhson or Bakshan, her father being the Maharaja Of Satara. children:

  1. Emma May Teasdale (b ?, c 15 May 1825 Bombay)

  2. Ellen Teasdale (b ?, c 22 Sep 1825 Bombay)

  3. Henry Jackson TEASDALE (b 1830-1870)

Next Generation

Henry Jackson TEASDALE (b 1830- d 18 Dec 1870 Jhelum) Assistant Police Superintendent Rohtuck District,  on 16 Jan 1868 in Jhelum married Julia Kurrum Bibi KHAN (b 1838, d 23 Mar 1906 Lahore, daughter of Jehan Khan), children:

  1. Ellen Grace Teasdale (b 16 Mar 1861, d 1923)

  2. Henry Horatio Teasdale (b 4 Oct 1863 Delhi, d 29 Dec 1939 Bangalore)

  3. Frederick Edward Teasdale (b 27 Jun 1867 Pin D Dadun Khan)

  4. George Dunstadt Teasdale (b 1870)

Next Generation

Ellen Grace TEASDALE (b 16 Mar 1861- d 1923) on 14 Feb 1885 in Rawalpindi married William MATTHEWS (1846-96). Children:

  1. William Teasdale Matthews (b 23 Oct 1887 Rawalpindi)

  2. Violet Winifred Matthews (b 9 Jan 1891 Rawalpindi)

  3. Herbert (Bertie) Oscar Teasdale Matthews (b 19 Mar 1892 Lahore)

  4. Cyril Edward Teasdale Matthews (b 27 Jul 1894 Lahore)

  5. Arthur George Teasdale Matthews (b 31 Aug 1896 christened at Dharamsala)

Henry Horatio TEASDALE (b 4 Oct 1863 Delhi, d 29 Dec 1939 Bangalore) on 20 Aug 1901 in Quetta married 29yr Caroline Maria MILES (b1872 daughter of Thomas Hereford Miles), children:

  1. Jessie Caroline Teasdale

Frederick Edward TEASDALE (b 27 Jun 1867 Pin D Dadun Khan) at 29yr in Simla married 16yr Ruby Isabel BURTON JONES (b 1868 daughter of Evelin Thomas Burton Jones)


George Dunstadt TEASDALE  (b 1870) at 24yrs on 16 Sep 1894 in Lahore married 20yr Adela Rose Hashman (b 1874 daughter of William J Hashman)


Next Generation

Jessie Caroline TEASDALE  on 6 Sep 1856 in Poona married John TURNER


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